Silly is, as stupid does for LAUSD administration

The moment the shining beacon of general public education – Southern California educators have not too long ago uncovered their abandonment of scholastic accomplishment in favor their nuts pathological ideology – and they are bragging about it! What are they using tobacco in the board meetings?

Most likely you missed it. It manufactured the news for a few of times and was subsequently shoved quietly underneath the rug of media collusion. Immediately after all, the rationalization for it is barely defensible. Californians possessed with a modicum of common perception could barely belly the hubris with which the instructional establishment blithely defended 1 much more snowflake in the avalanche of stupidity liable for the continued decline of a school process that only forty-5 years back was the very best in the entire world. Without the need of the alternate media of the net this story would have disappeared unobtrusively. God bless the bloggers who shined a light-weight on it prior to the dinosaur media could obfuscate and conceal another horrendous fiscal malfeasance.

Of program I imply the modern announcement of the Los Angeles County College District to invest a hundred and twenty million bucks to put in solar panels on district universities. They bragged that they ended up placing an “example for other school districts to comply with”. These educational bozos spoke glowingly of the LAUSD foremost general public school techniques throughout the country as a model of “inexperienced” operational enlightenment. Wow, seems pretty extraordinary, does not it? They are going to clearly show the entire nation how to capture cleanse power from the sunlight and minimize the school techniques power prices. For a mere a hundred and twenty million bucks they bragged they could help save the school district a whopping 5 million bucks per 12 months! Did you capture …