Wedding Themes – Bike Wedding Working day

Are you and your soon to be just not the style that want to have a full blown traditional wedding that goes just like the flow of every single factor of every single other wedding? Enjoy to shoot pool, participate in poker, drink beer, and trip bikes? Then you are in luck due to the fact which is what David and Jenny like to do as well and included that appreciate into their wedding arranging.

David (28) and his now spouse, Jenny, (27) satisfied four decades back at a bar and got married just past thirty day period. Their wedding was anything at all but traditional, but Jenny claims she wouldn’t have had it any other way- their wedding was great for them, their friends, and even their family members. This pair was fixed up in biker heaven, and which is accurately what they preferred to present, so they had a biker wedding.

Let’s paint a photograph of their wedding. Visitors flood into the modest chapel putting on their finest, some of the adult men and women in beautiful leather-based jackets when the relaxation of them ended up in extra formal attire, nonetheless other people are in robes and suits. The seats are adorned with crimson bows on the outer sides, the seats by themselves white with pillows on them. Among the rows, a dark crimson carpet is rolled out, great ample for any princess to wander down- while rather of rose petals of white and crimson, there are modest lower outs of spades, hearts, golf equipment, and diamonds of black and crimson.

There at the close of the crimson carpet was our groom, David, ready for his bride to wander down the aisle. Putting on typical tux slacks, with a button up top rated, and a black leather-based vest …

The Mother-Tongue (L1) Usage In Teachıng Englısh Perspectıves Of Students And Teachers


  1. Recently, two  different opinions  have  been discussed about  L1  use in  EFL classes.On  the one  side,  it  is  believed  that L1 should  be  used in  EFL classrooms  with the  opinion of  that  L1 use          reduces anxiety which helpsstudents learn beter (Auerbach, 1993;Reis,1996;Cole,2001;Buckmaster,2000;Toyama,Viney,Helgesen,Bernard & Edge3,2000; and Need  help urgently,2001).On the other side, the benefits  of teaching  English through  English  are emphasized  and  L1  use  is  restricted  (Ellis,1984;Chaudron,1988;and Takahashi,1996).This  view emphaizes  that  the  more  students  are  exposed  to  the target  language,the beter their capabilities  in  the  target  language  will  be.

         Regarding  the  relation  betweenj  the  input  students  receive  in  the  target  language  and the  outcame,Chaudron(1988) states  that :

         ‘’……… in  the typical  foreign  language  classroom,the  common  belief  is  that  the  fullest  competence  in  the  TL (target  language) is  achieved  by  means  of  the  teacher  providing  a  rich TL environment, in  which  not  only  instruction  and  drills  are  executed  in  the  TL, but  also  disciplinary  and  management  operations.” )p.1)

  1.          Exposure  to  L2 and  information  in the  L2  are  claimed to  be  more  important  in  EFL  settings  as  EFL learners  are  generally  not  exposed  to  English  outside  the  classroom  in  their  daily  lives  unless  they  try  to  find some changes  on  their own ( Ellis,1994  and Murhey  & Sasaki, 1998).On the  other  hand  Martin (2000), stated  that  an  effective  EFL teacher  should use  L1  when  necessary  in  EFL classroom. Recenty,  there has  been a growing  interest in  the  use  of  L1 in monolingual  low  level  EFL  classrooms (Reis,1996; Cole,2001; Buckmaster,2000; Hawks,2001; and Toyama,2000). That  is believed  that  use  of  L1  in  the EFL  classrooms  may  be  helpful  in  providing   students  with a  secure  learning  environment.In  relation  to  the pedagogical  benefits  of  L1  when  in  language classes, Auerbach (1993) indicates that :

           ‘’its [L1]  use reduces  anxiety  and enhances  the  effective   environment  for  learning, …