Scottish Wedding Traditions in Scotland

No matter whether you are acquiring married in Scotland, or remaining married abroad, in this article are some wonderful Scottish Wedding Traditions that can add a flavour of Scotland to your wedding!

Luckenbooth Brooch

Give your adore a Scottish brooch, named a “Luckenbooth”, as a token of your adore or as a marriage gift. It is normally created of silver and is engraved with two hearts entwined. Quite a few partners will then pin this to the blanket of their first infant for great luck.

Present Of Provides

Each and every lady who sent a wedding existing is invited by the bride and her mother to their residence for tea and cakes (or a thing much better). All the wedding provides are opened and laid out for anyone to see. Scottish men have very long suspected that this is just an excuse for a bash. Nevertheless, so much, there has been no genuine proof to substantiate this outrageous and scurrilous declare.

After The Present of Provides

The bride is dressed up by all her mates who parade her by the city, while banging pots and pans. While uncomfortable for the bride, it was economically rewarding as onlookers ended up inspired to toss a coin into a bucket or pot for great luck.

The Stag Night time

A couple days right before the wedding the groom is taken out on the city by his mates to rejoice his last nights of “liberty” by getting “couple” beverages. Depending on his mates, this can also guide to a blackening…


Possibly on the stag night or any other time, the groom is stripped to the midsection (or far more) and lined in treacle, soot, feathers, or flour. He is then paraded by the city with significantly sound and hilarity. The purpose is to …