Worries Struggling with American Muslim Women by Samer Hathout

Worries Struggling with American Muslim Women By Samer Hathout

Posted by Hasan A. Yahya, Professor of Sociology
It is not often you come across a balanced report deals with Muslim women in United states in terms of race relation or assimilation theories, even so, I wrote various article content about women on articlesbase, to exhibit relationship styles, honor-killing, polygamy and poliginy and the Prophet wives defending Islam and Muslims to give new lights on Islamic legacy as a religion and way of existence. I also contributed in youtube lately rebottling some Orientals’ views on Mohammad  and his marriages. I located this expert report speaks my terms. So I picked to give the prospect to greatly enhance finding out and knowing.

Muslim women in The united states usually deal with discrimination from their own Muslim neighborhood. Discrimination by Muslims mainly benefits from ignorance about Islam and the importation of cultural attitudes that demean women. Islam is usually interpreted in strategies that are sexist and not correct to the correct teachings of equality in the Quran and the model provided by Prophet Muhammad . Samer Hathout is a youthful Muslim sociologist who recognized Islam and Social theories in terms of race relations and the posture of minority groups in developing as well as in state-of-the-art international locations. I will leave the audience here to browse her excellent report with smart insights which I consider will shed lights on Islam and  Muslims in typical and Muslim female in unique. I share with her the very same feelings, and we are both of those on the very same riverside in terms of the require to fully grasp ahead of judging wrongly Muslim women. This article content comes although in France, a female covered her head with a scarf, was questioned in the French Parliament …