3 Wedding Venues you should consider in the East Midlands

Love, what a beautiful paradise to fall into. It’s a place of blissful warm fuzzies, unexplainable hope for the future, and heart transforming goodness that breeds determination for whatever challenges life may throw your way. It only makes sense to declare to the world that you have found the treasure many people spend their whole life searching for. But where on Earth do you go to mark such a momentous occasion? Here are 3 East Midlands wedding venues suggested by Book of Weddings, a new and exciting online wedding planner.

Mythe Barn

This wedding venue sits in the peaceful countryside on the borders of Leicestershire. The rustic features of the Oak and Cart Barns compliments the tall, swaying trees, sprawling meadows, and gentle hills that reach clear to the River Sence. Couples can add a dash of contemporary flare with their wedding reception in the Grain Store. Guests can enjoy the elegant décor indoors while taking in a lovely view of The Garden located right outside the floor to ceiling windows scattered along the Grain Store’s high walls. And, as an added bonus, Mythe Barn offers a honeymoon suite that almost seems like something right out of a fairy-tale, which can be seen by some of the excellent wedding photography at Mythe Barn. Seven extra bedrooms are also available at the venue for guests who are in need of temporary accommodation.

Harlaxton Manor

Not many wedding venues can actually make you feel like you’re in your very own castle. Amongst the beautiful acres of land in Lincolnshire sits the dreamy Harlaxton Manor. Its architecture and atmosphere are a perfect fit for those of you wanting to have an upscale or fantasy wedding. The manor has an abundance of rooms to choose from, including The Great Hall, The Gold Room, and The Conservatory–which is the largest in the East Midlands. After the heart felt ceremony, dancing, and delicious dishes, you and your new spouse can enjoy your honeymoon in the manor’s complementary Bridal Suite.

Osmaston Park

Your wedding day is a very special moment in your life. It’s no surprise that you want it to be as perfect as humanly possible. Derbyshire’s Osmaston Park is a great venue for those of you looking for ultimate customization. You can enjoy peaceful, open spaces and party down inside a personalized marquee. Most the walls of the marquee are transparent so the scenery of the park doesn’t go to waste throughout the duration of your wedding and/or reception. Have an intimate or large gathering with themed décor and catering that makes you and your guests salivate.