A Seroius Situation for Donnie

My wife Erika and I are so in love with each other. Currently, we do not have children, but that might change one day. We do have a dog named Donnie. He is like a son to us. My wife and I raised him since he was a puppy. We love like a human child. He is very kind. His bark is stronger than his bite. He likes to appear tough, but he is soft. He can be a handful at times. One day, he ate my cereal and I needed to know can dogs drink milk safely.

Donnie came into our lives right after Erika and I finished college. Erika and I first moved into our house. Erika wanted a dog. I was unsure at first, but she eventually talked me into getting for the house. We went to the animal shelter. We both wanted to adopt a puppy than get one at the pet store. We looked at all the dogs at the shelter. They all were in need if a good home. Erika saw a brown puppy that caught her eye. It was Donnie. He melted our heats. We immediately took him home with us that very day. We never regretted doing it.

Last week, Erika and I had a scare. I was eating my usual bowl of my favorite cereal for breakfast. I left the table to check my phone. While I was gone, Donnie became curious about my food. When I returned to the kitchen, I saw Donnie with his face in my cereal bowl. He ate the rest of it, milk and all. I was so scared. I took him to the vet to see if he was going to be all right. The vet told me that some dogs might be allergic to lactose, but Donnie wasn’t. I was so relieved.