It is always fascinating to tie the knot, but tieing the knot is not enough as it also requires that you go for a honeymoon. One of the best places suitable for your honeymoon journey aside Europe is Africa. A lot of people do not know that Africa is mystic, wild, and it’s an escapist paradise. If you have been to Africa before, you will agree that this continent offers one of the most beautiful sceneries and memorable experiences in the world.

You can imagine as a newly wedded couple taking your breakfast with giraffes in Kenya, lazing around beaches in Mauritius, throwing nuts with lemurs in Madagascar, and so on. Before you embark on your journey, it is good to plan because you are probably heading to a place you have never been to before. Reading Sky scanner flight reviews will not let you make a mistake, and help you in planning your journey correctly without problems. However, let’s take a look at exciting places you can go to in Africa to enjoy your honeymoon.


It will not be advisable that you travel to Kenya if you have not watched the movie title “Out of Africa.” Haven watched this movie will give you a tightly packed package of incredible experiences boasting of exotic wildlife. It explains more about beautiful resorts and stunning sceneries. There are lots of things you can do while on the honeymoon in Kenya. You will enjoy beach pleasures at Mombassa, do white water rafting at Sagna and also enjoy unforgettable cycle ride to hell’s gate.


There is no doubt Mauritius is a heaven on earth country. There is no better way to explain the enjoyment of that country, mainly when you go for a honeymoon than describing it as heaven on earth. Mauritius is a perfect place for breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels. If you choose to visit Mauritius for your honeymoon, remember Skyscanner flight reviews is your guide. You stand to enjoy the following: island hopping, pampering spa session, romantic cruise through Port Louis, and so on.


Here is a country full of tourism, aside from the fact that it is the best place for a honeymoon pleasure. More tourists around the world go there mainly for tourism, particularly those that cannot bear the European weather condition when it is cold. There is room for you to explore and enjoy the pleasure of life. This pleasure of life is one thing that strengthens the bond of love. The following are things that you will enjoy as you visit Madagascar. You will have the privilege to book a date with the lemurs at the national park; you will be able to laze around the pristine sandy shores, and savor delicious foods and drinks.

Enjoying your honeymoon is no doubt a great achievement if you decide to go by Skyscanner flight reviews. With them, you will be able to know new updates about flights and available offers that will give you discounts on everything you want to do in Africa.