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Understanding More on Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the better options one would consider. Knowing more is an essential if you want to become a free mason. It is advisable to have some knowledge about freemasonry before making any visits to a lodge. Disbeliefs about freemasonry should be dealt with before visiting a lodge.

A large number of people know less truth about freemasonry compared to the numerous numbers of myths they believe in. It is a belief that masonic swords are remains from a long time ago. Gentlemen were recognized by their swords a long time ago. They were said to be not fully dressed without having a sword. In the past swords were symbolic and very fashionable. Swords have lost their fashions and symbolic functions in the world of today.

Purchasing a masonic sword is so easy as there is nothing to hide about it. To prove this, freemasonry has created its own twitter feed, websites and even a face book page to enable people to access information they would like to know about freemasonry. One can find local lodges in the freemasonry sites. Doing away with the misconceptions is important when you become freemasonry member.

To become a free mason; you have to qualify to be one. A man below the age of 18 may not be qualified to be a free mason. Believing in a supreme being regardless of your religion is one of the requirements to become a member of the freemasonry. Different places have different requirements for joining freemasonry. Some freemasonry fraternities may consider women and individuals who don’t believe in supreme beings as their members.

Individuals that are allowed in the lodges are the ones qualified to be there. Freemasonry fraternities give tests to the recruited fellows. People in the lodge should be able to pass the three tests and obtain a degree. To become the actual master mason, you have to pass all the three tests. The three tests would last for 8 months from the beginning to the end.

Many males tend to join freemasonry compared to the women regardless of the easy and reliable joining process. Following the main mission of the freemasonry of providing for the needy, these men join the freemasonry to ensure that the mission is achieved. Freemasonry’s core values are love, solidarity and equality. Apart from the work places, it is not easy to find a long lasting fraternal relationship that one would strive to maintain. There is love and friendship in freemasonry.