Great importance of women

          Great importance OF Girl


             Hidden inside the veil unbroken,

             Lies my soul still unspoken,

            Innumerable phrases still unsaid,

            Numerous thoughts still not expressed,

            I am an incomplete story, an unfinished tune,

            I am an actor devoid of a role,

           While going for walks on the highway of lifetime,

           I hold out for my soul to be found out,

          Until finally than this dejected soul lies in everlasting torment.

The above poem moved me. Of course, it did as it was a cry of a lonely, shattered and frustrated girl. I was wondering we go over politics, wars, racism, terrorism but have we ever given a minimal considered to “the worth of girl” .I guess no.

                 Girl was designed as a companion for person. The first girl Eve was created from Adam’s ribs not from his head to rule him or from his toes to serve him but from his facet to stroll with him as his equal, but what do we see today? We see girl as a next-course citizen. We frequently see them hopeless, destitute, wronged only simply because this planet has stopped supplying worth to the girl.

               Now let us the worth of girl in our culture. She has been the torchbearer for centuries. She is responsible for the miracle of delivery. In most instances she is also a company of the spouse and children and the epitome and embodiment of morality. Girl is also responsible for the graphic of the culture. It is the girl who is viewed as the guardian of the regard and honor of a spouse and children .In addition God has currently emancipated girl for no responsibility can be higher than that of continuing the cycle of lifetime of delivery. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a spouse. These are multiple role that girl elegantly suits, but she is, in our so-termed modern-day planet, still residing in chains!!!

               Girl is also serving the country by staying academics, professors, lecturers, by staying guideline for students who soon transform out be like Quaid-e-Azam, Dr Abdul Qadir Khan, Einstein, and Graham Bell. In addition ladies are leaders we encountered are inclined to be really verbal, discuss with relieve and a lot more importantly, pay attention with relieve and I feel that they are fairly capable to do this career like Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Hilary Clinton  and of system Benazir Bhutto who was the first girl prime minister. She is working working day and night time only to make peace in the country, she is fighting for justice, she is sacrificing her lifetime only for the sake of mankind however she has no worth

               Don’t you feel that she is also helping to reinforce the world’s financial state? Don’t you that she is also helping to build a nation. The 50 percent of inhabitants is composed of women. She is a health care provider, an engineer, a business girl, ab architect, an writer. Girl is also in media. She is everywhere and  as Barack Hussain Obama says:

  “She was the cornerstone of our spouse and children and a girl of remarkable accomplishment, energy and humility. She was the human being who encouraged and allowed us to choose possibility”

              I am a pessimist. I have a glass that is 50 percent empty. Why so? Simply because I have eyes that can see the injustice performed with the women. I have ears that can hear the cries of the women staying victimized. Women have been confronted with misogyny because time immemorial. It is hard to consider that there is essentially a time period that defines a political ideology justifying and keeping the subordination of women by adult men

                                                                                                                       There are crimes in opposition to women that can neither be understood or nor be justified. I talk to you why a feminine infant is buried alive in Arabia? Why is a widow burnt with her lifeless partner in India? Why is a new bride beaten or tortured for dowry in Pakistan? Why is a sister, a mother or a spouse killed in the name of honor in Bangladesh? And there is only silence. In a planet entire of adult men there arrives no solution from any corner to convey to this ferocious, greedy planet that women are vital devoid of them no country could be created no nation could progress.

            We ought to guarantee ourselves that we will in no way deny girl their legal rights , we will in no way discriminate her as she is so weak , so feeble to stand for her legal rights .

In the end I would say

                Each individual tear that sheds from an eye,

                Each individual drop of blood that has fallen to the ground,

                Each individual scream of girl that goes unheard in the night time,

                Each individual sigh that escapes the lips of the girl,

                Each individual soul that is wrecked,

                Shouts out:

                Enough! I am a girl regard me enough!