How LuLaRoe Is Sold

LuLaRoe consultants in Phoenix sell LuLaRoe, a clothing brand based in Corona, Calif founded by Mark and DeAnneStidham. It utilizes a direct-sales approach for selling their products. The organization’s product line is made up of high-quality chic knit leggings, dresses, skirts and shirts. All the items go for between $25 and $75. The affordability of their clothes is something that has made LuLaRoe very popular among young girls and women. However, the main thing that differentiates this brand from other clothing brands is their selling model.

You will not find LuLaRoe is any brick-and-mortar store. This is because the brand uses a multi-level marketing strategy; they use their salespersons also known as ‘fashion consultants’ to market their products. The fashion consultants basically sign up all the consultants they have in their network upon receiving incentives. The consultants buy inventory and sell it to close friends and family members. Some also use social media platforms like Facebook to sell their inventory. The consultants earn money from all the products they manage to sell. In addition to this, they also earn 5% on wholesale products sold by their new recruits.

The appeal of this brand is mainly built on their scarcity approach. They ensure that no consultants have matching prints by producing a maximum of only 1500 pieces for each print. This creates a lot of online demand for the rare prints which greatly improves the company’s profits.

The organization has been in business for just 3 years and it has literally taken over the clothing industry. Everyone wants to be a fashion consultant in order to make money. Most of their sellers are stay at home moms. They find this a worthy roadmap because they can do it from the comfort of their own home. So far, LuLaRoe has more than 24,000 sales representatives and about 18,000 are waiting to join the team despite the fact that one is required to invest $6000 to start.