The Inspiring Work by Pastor Chris’ Healing School

The healing-school is one of the most popular Christian ministries in the world. The ministry is commonly known for its divine healing missions to people and countries around the globe. Through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other dedicated ministers, the ministry organizes prayer and healing sessions in various parts of the world. The annual sessions are mostly known to take place in the cities of Johannesburg and Toronto in South Africa and Canada respectively. The divine prayer and healing missions have been reported to attract thousands of people from all over the planet.

The ministry has been able to impact on several lives. A huge number of both believers and non believers gather to be taught the word of God and to receive healing miracles. The department has got ministers’ visitation program. This program allows other spiritual leaders to attend the Healing School sessions in order to witness the miracles performed during in the congregations.

The department established a TV program that has recently seen millions of viewers interact with Reverent Chris. The program has been reported to have many followers on both satellite and the terrestrial TV channels globally. This has in turn expanded the Ministry’s work and enabled it to reach-to many people from a single geographical location. There are several viewers who have confessed to have received their miraculous healing while watching the program on TV. The ministry has also provided, through its website, video testimonies, audio confessions, magazines, and events’ report.

Areas of Healing and Miracles

The department’s divine healings covers a wide range of human related problems. The most popular areas, however, include: infertility, walking, mental and spiritual conditions, cancer, tumors and other blood related problems. The major blood related problem that many have testified to have been healed from is HIV. Many believers have also confessed to have been healed from different types of cancer through this ministry.

How to Attend the next Divine Healing Session

The department has reported full attendance in many of their recent gatherings. It is therefore recommended that you make a reservation prior to the event. This is because the spaces are always limited. Participants are not encouraged to make the long travels without confirming their booking. You can reserve your space to the next session online through the ministry’s website.

Attending a divine healing-session is free of charge. However, one has to present evidence of illness together with supportive materials in order to qualify. After successful registration, a person is advised to reserve one of the many hotels around the International healing school complex. An individual is also provided with a list of discounted hotels courtesy of the healing program.

Pastor Chris’ Profile

Rev. Chris is the president of Believers’ LoveWorld organization. He was born in 1961 in Edo village, Nigeria. Chris got married to Reverent Anita Ebhodasghe in 1991 and has been blessed with two children. He is a renowned Pastor, healing minister, author and a television host.

Rev. Chris pursued a degree in architecture from the Ambrose Alli University and later PhD in Theology and Pneumatology. He has since received several honors including an honorary doctorate degree in divinity from the Benson Idahosa University.

Other Ministries

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome runs several ministries other than the healing-school. Other notable departments include; the teaching ministry, publishing ministry, and Television ministry: a 24-hour satellite TV network.

Some of the Pastor Chris’ forth-coming scheduled events are the October global communication service, the higher life conference Benin, and the international Pastors’ and partners conference 2017. You can get more information about these events from the Healing-school ministry’s website.