The Tin Cup Necklace

The tin cup necklace is in all probability the most preferred piece of wedding jewelry or bridal jewelry other than the common pearl strand necklace. This post presents the background and origins of the tin cup necklace, teaches you how to make your pretty own tin cup necklace, and it also presents just about everything there is to know about tin cup necklaces. After looking at this, you will be an expert on tin cup necklaces. Love!


The tin cup necklace recieved it really is title from the renowned motion picture, “Tin Cup”. Two renowned actors that ended up in this motion picture ended up Renee Russon and Kevin Costner. It was filmed in 1996. It would get a further post to describe the entire motion picture so I will check out to just some it up in a several sentences. In essence the complete motion picture is about Kevin Coster who performed Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy, a pro golfer, and Renee Russo who performed a psychologist by the title of Molly Griswold. As a result of the motion picture a romance develops between the two which eventually finishes in marriage. What does this have to do with a tin cup necklace you could possibly ask? Perfectly, Russon wore a tin cup necklace at her wedding. It was developed by Wendy Brigode, who is a renowned hollywood designer.

Renee Russo also wears a tin cup necklace in a motion picture called “Ransom”. This kick commenced a operate of appearances of the tin cup necklace in demonstrates these kinds of as Beverly Hills 90210 and Seinfeld.

Other Names

The tin cup necklace has adopted several other names also. It is typically reffered to as a floating pearl necklace and a pearl illusion necklace.

The Tin Cup Necklace Structure

So what does a tin cup necklace glance like anyway?Perfectly, it is a necklace that has pearls spaced out together a chain. The chain is a beading chain which can be sterling silver or gold loaded. The pearls are generally spaced about and inch aside. This results in a floating overall look and consequently sales opportunities to the illusion that the pearls are just floating on a woman’s neckline. The pearls can be authentic, Swarovski, freshwater, cultured, akoya, or any other variety of pearl. If you’d instead prefere crystals as an alternative of pearls, then you can have crystals spaced out together the chain in place of the pearls. This is oftern called a Camilla necklace but can be called a tin cup necklace as effectively. The crystals or pearls are generally 6mm or 8mm in sizing and can be in any colour. The most preferred in white or cream.

How To Make A Tin Cup Necklace

To start with you require a beading chain. You require nine pearls. You may possibly have to drill the pearls out a very little little bit so that they slide quickly together the chain. Concerning each individual of the pearls you will require to put two crimp balls so that the pearls continue to be put. Next you will have to crimp a clasp to the stop of one facet of the chain and crimp a hoop at the stop of the other facet. It is that effortless! If you want your necklace to be 16″, then reduce your beading chain to a duration of 16″. The very same applies for an eighteen” necklace.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at this post and discovering about the tin cup necklace. If you are obtaining a wedding soon, this could be your prospect to style and design a tin cup necklace that will assist in retaining your funds very low and also best off your appearnace as effectively. If you are too apprehensive to make one on your own, Silverland Jewelry & Presents is a wonderful bridal and wedding jewelry retail outlet that can custome make your pretty own tin cup necklace. Best Wishes!