Things to Say in a Wedding Thank You Speech

Weddings just seem to be full of speeches; you’ve got the best man’s speech that wreaks havoc on the nerves of that poor guy. Then there is oftentimes a speech given by a parent or two, although these tend to be impromptu. Here we will look at the all-important Thank You speech that the bride or groom, or both, will give at their beautiful reception.

There are enough things to think about when planning your wedding, so do all that you can to find time to sit back and relax every now and then. When you are relaxed and calm, coming up with a wedding thank you speech can be a much smoother process. The tips included here may help you to come up with the best possible things to say in your wedding thank you speech.

Above all, do not succumb to the stress of giving a speech in front of your friends and family. Your speech is your own; it doesn’t have to compete with anyone else’s wedding thank you speech. It is your message to those you feel closest to, and those who have participated in helping your wedding go off without a hitch. A wedding thank you speech does not have to be long and drawn out. It doesn’t even matter if you make your mom and dad cry. Really. What matters is that you come prepared with the right things to say so you don’t leave anyone out.

Wedding speeches can be given by both the bride and the groom, or by both together. It is helpful for you both to discuss what you feel most comfortable with and come up with a format that will be followed in order to alleviate any stress involved in this public speaking engagement. Keeping the following in mind when you prepare your wedding thank you speech can get you a well spoken work that will be remembered.

First, WHO do you want to thank? Is it your parents? Your siblings? Friends? Don’t forget your new spouse! Think of those who have made an impact on either your wedding day specifically or your relationship in general. Perhaps you want to thank the friend that introduced you, or the father that gave solid advice.

This brings up the next point, which is to be specific about WHAT you are thanking people for. If your speech is general, it will not be interesting and special; it’s that simple. Being specific about what you are thankful for can include what a persons input, advice, or help meant to you. A wedding pulled off without help from friends and family could be extremely stressful, so there is certainly a lot you can say thank you for!

If you are worried that you won’t remember what you want to say come the big day, you can right important points on a small card that will jog your memory. Thank you quotes can be found online and placed into your wedding thank you speech in just the right spot to make it extra special. Whatever you do, just remember that it’s your day and everyone of those eyes looking your way as you stand up and take the mic will be filled with love and joy for your special event.