Tips for Planning an Amazing Bridal Shower

Have you volunteered to host a bridal shower for a dear friend or relative? Weddings are an exciting time, full of parties and an endless stream of events.  Ensure that the shower you are hosting is a huge success by following these recommendations from the professional party planners.

The first step is to secure a date and a budget. It’s often customary for several close friends to work together to plan the event and share the expenses. This lightens the load for everyone.  Provided the event is held in a private home, expenses for a venue will not be incurred.  Gather the guest list from the bride and begin to either design invitations to be sent electronically or custom printed for mailing.  The advantage of the electrical invitation is most invitation websites have dashboards that indicate a number of responders as well as which emails have not been opened. This is often a result of firewalls and spam filters.  It’s acceptable to phone those who have not opened the invitation email or send an email with the invitation as an attachment.

The next step is planning the menu. For showers that are held as luncheons, the menu will generally consist of lighter finger food and small sandwiches. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and selecting dessert from the lovely offerings at Shari’s Berries.  Plan to offer punch as well as soft drinks to the guests.  It’s a beautiful presentation to have the food on a buffet table where guests can help themselves.

One way to shower the bride is to create an advice bag.  Have each of the guests complete a card providing their best advice on the ingredients for a long, happy and healthy marriage. Provide notecards, pens and a gift bag for the cards.  The bride can enjoy this for years to come.  Enlist one of the hosts to keep track of the gifts the bride receives and who they’re from to make an easier task of thank you notes for the bride.  Finally, take plenty of pictures as you shower the bride with joy and best wishes for her upcoming marriage.