Wiccan Clothing – What To Don When You Are A Witch

Clothing that Wiccans wear are similar to what every person else wears in the culture in which they had been elevated. Nevertheless, accurate Wiccans are very concerned about the Earth and our surroundings and will generally pick pure and lengthy lasting fabrics these kinds of as cotton or linen. Furs, leather-based and even silk may possibly be avoided since animals and persons may possibly be harm in their development. When ache is prompted in the producing of an merchandise, that ache persists in the clothing as negative electrical power and may possibly harm us. To avoid that, use only pure, plant based fibers to clothe yourself.

Even though witches are pictured as carrying a lengthy, black robe with a pointy hat, actuality is much from it. Witches may possibly wear any style of clothing from frequent dresses in numerous colours to ritual based clothing that may possibly have unique colours. For illustration, persons may possibly wear gypsy style dresses, tunics, ritual robes, capes, surcoats, with or with out extras.

Ritual robes are used by men and women. They generally have a hood, mantle and tabard and may possibly be custom-made with extras for men and women. Surcoats come in several styles with aspect slits or gathers. For women, there are several versions of gypsy skirts in several colours and styles. From time to time produced with satin, silk or rayon, they may possibly be embellished with sequins, buttons, embroidery, glass beads, charms, feathers, and so on. Meditation cloaks are dresses which absolutely deal with our human body and hold us heat so that we can focus on the meditation. Our palms may possibly be stored exterior the robe if desired. Large, old fashioned capes are worn as properly as smooth, flowing, light kinds. They are all hooded and produced for women as properly as men.

For day-to-day wear, Witches wear something that fits their extravagant. Most of their dresses come in colours of the Earth, these kinds of as greens (plants), browns (Earth), gold (Sunshine) and silver (Moon Goddess). They also like the colours of the Sunset and bouquets or something that is near to nature.

Witches like to wear clothing that is not too restricted as it restricts the flow of electrical power and circulation of blood. As they live freely, and are not fearful of modern society, they are cost-free to pick an visual appeal that they are pleased with, not what other folks are pleased with.

Adult males and women wear loose robes, caftans, shawls, veils, hooded burnooses, and capes in all shapes and measurements. The key objective is to make it possible for flexibility and ease of movement. Witches devote a good deal of time exterior, regardless of whether it is for gardening, tending to herbs, choosing bouquets and fruits or communing with nature. So they require protection from the sun, rain, wind, frost, and so on. Pieces of clothing that they can use several situations and in several situations will be the witch’s option.

Generally, a witch’s wardrobe will consist of a several robes and hooded capes together with outside extras these kinds of as a purse, a jacket, a vast-brimmed hat and maybe some gloves. As they do not treatment about fashion, most of their dresses are chosen for practicality and protection instead than appears to be like.