World’s First Board Walk – Atlantic City

Atlantic City is called city of firsts, in that record the world’s first Board walk got its place in the year 1890. The Boardwalk is named after Alexander Boardman, a key person behind the work of the Boardwalk, and it happened to be a coincidence that it’s made out of boards. The attractions in board walk are legendary with various modern entertainments, so it is even called the heart, soul and backbone of Atlantic City.

It is interesting to know that the “main street” of Atlantic City was firstly put down to keep the sand off of the hotel carpets. Boardwalk was only temporary in 1870; in 1890 it was built with permanent structure of about 24 feet wide, 10 feet high and about 4 miles long-and with railings on both sides. Shortly it got damaged by its weather and sand and so now the structure is replaced with a seat of concrete and steel pilings and constructed of thousands of two-by-fours. Despite the fact that Atlantic City is hot with a salty air. In the summer, they get vanished with most exhilarating entertainments and hotels are available along with the boardwalk. The Boardwalk seems to be getting better by the day.

The stylish century old transport on the boardwalk is rolling chairs which debuted in 1881. In the beginning they were imported from Philadelphia Centennial and rented for the physically challenged, and soon it was admired and everyone wanted a ride, shortly rolling chair in boardwalk was a pull for the visitors. Another vehicle that is seen in large number on boardwalk is bicycle. During summer, particularly in morning hours bicycle rides are found in plenty in spite of its restricted hour 6am to 10 am.

An incredible experience in the boardwalk brings people with mixture of taste. Approximately 2-mile-long boardwalk begins at the north end of New Jersey and goes along with the Atlantic Ocean, 12 gambling casinos, luxury hotels and restaurants, luscious saltwater taffy and fudge, and sandy beaches giving a wonderful experience from the start till the end. This is even called a board walking tour sometimes. The special features that includes in this tour are the Showboat Casino and the House of Blues, trolley tours, an air show, casinos, resort suite and lot more of enjoyment for the walkers. Fully guided site seeing Trolley tour is provided with most enjoyable spots of boardwalk like Absecon lighthouse, Atlantic City Aquarium, the Historic Towne of Smithville, Cape May and more. Personalized tours are available as well. The most ultimate and vibrant place in board walk is Beach bar and beach resort where delicious foods and cocktails can be enjoyed over night with great fun.

Atlantic air show is another captivating spot of the broad walk. Military and civilian pilots make the show more vibrant by flying over the beach, doing aerobatic maneuvers, formation flying, parachute jumping and other aerial stunts. Quite a lot of lavish suites and hotels are available with reasonably priced package. Staying in these suites is a perfect place where luxury and peace come hand in hand to give the lives best under one roof. Much of Atlantic City’s economy supports and thrives on its convention trade, which annually brings nearly 5,000 shows to the city’s famous convention complex and casino/hotels. Waterfront tower, Trump Taj Mahal are the AC spots with 1800 rooms of Accommodation along with the luxury amenities like star restaurants, casinos, spa, golf court, gaming, shopping and so on. Up-and-coming new Luxury hotels are also found in the city to make the stay more extra-ordinary.