Your guide to wearing a waistcoat

Whether you’re a fan of the old classics or prefer the more modern gangster films, you can’t deny that the characters involved are all dressed well. With popular shows such as Peaky Blinders also influencing viewers to try out the dapper fashion style, you might be wondering how you can look that good. The answer? Add a waistcoat.

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The return of the waistcoat

The likelihood is that whatever genre of film or television you prefer, underneath the suits you’ll find a waistcoat which brings the outfit together and gives it a touch of style. It’s no longer an accessory that is worn only on special occasions; it can be worn as part of a casual outfit to add a little elegance. But finding the right waistcoat to wear with a particular outfit can be tricky.

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As much as waistcoats are making a comeback, it’s probably not wise to raid your granddad’s wardrobe. Instead of flamboyant prints and stuffy fabrics, crisp, stylish waistcoats are once again highly fashionable. And it’s not just fans of Peaky Blinders who are trying to emulate the 1920s era. You don’t even need to wear one as part of a three-piece suit: instead, you can add it to a button-up shirt, or even pair it with jeans.

How to wear it

When wearing a waistcoat without a suit jacket, you can be a little more flexible with regards to the material and design. As a general rule, do try to stick to cotton, linen and wool to ensure you are comfortable. Avoid adding unnecessary accessories to your outfit: after all, the waistcoat is essentially an accessory.

You can choose to wear more patterned styles when worn without a jacket, but make sure that the shirt complements it well. You could look at plain mens designer shirts, such as those found here to keep the crisp, neat look. Remember the waistcoat will be the focal point so keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.

If you are wearing a waistcoat as part of a three-piece suit, you must choose one that is identical, or very similar to your suit jacket. You should also always button up your waistcoat and tuck in your shirt as it will create a slimline effect that makes the whole outfit look much neater.